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Donnalyn Medeiros

Master Instructor
(808) 938-3168


Hi, My name is Donna Medeiros and every day when i wake up, I give all my worries, my prayers to God and let him plan my day. I work at Helco FCU/101 Financial and I absolutely love helping people! I live in Papaikou Hawaii on the Big Island. Let me know if you want to come by or call me to make an appointment. I am married to my love Abraham and we like to go hunting, camping, traveling and get togethers with our friends and family. Our biggest joy is watching our grandchildren grow and teaching them to love God first and doing the right thing. Helping our daughter and son in law with her sign business. Loving life and helping one family at a time.


When I first heard about 101 Financial I just let it go over my head. Than it came to me again from a close friend. I was scared. I think because I didn't want to hear what the results would be. So than I qualified and my friend didn't . Finances can be very frustrating and worrisome. But when i did my first class I cried and said, are you kidding me. It was unbelievable! Yes it seems to good to be true, but let me tell you it is TRUE! Absolutely Love 101 Financial!


101 Financial has changed my life, my families life and all my friends around me. The knowledge that we learned and continue to learn is mind blowing. We paid off over $25000 in consumer debt and it made me think of what we can do. So uplifting that it doesn't change. You become more positive and excited! My family paid off debt and got into investment properties and others paid off debt for vacations and enjoying their family. Today we have two homes as one is our rental property and i want to get four more in the next four years. Making goals and always reaching for that very top! One step at a time! Thank you Jesus for all you do and our many Blessings!


If you wanted to do 101 Financial I would say go for it. Don't wait. The sooner you get started the better. Why? Because you are wasting time. Why do you really want to? My why is my family, my grandchildren. I want their lives to change for the better. I don't want them to do it conventional and can't get ahead. Teach them now and make life easier with no stress. What kind of road blocks do you encounter? Most times its fear of knowing what will happen or you to shame to show your finances. To get started come to my workshop on Dec 14 or if you want right away, go watch this video at I will schedule your appointment in my next available spot in my calendar. Before your appt i want you to go to my webpage and fill out your free analysis. After I review your analysis I will call you with the results and we can proceed with the tuition before our class and I can give you some homework. Does that sound ok? Let's get you started!! You can reach me at 808-938-3168 or email me at




Average Credit Score

$5.4 Billion

Interest Saved


I'm Fueled

The foundation has been set, my ambitions to achieve bigger and better things have been fueled

Bryan Racca

Weight Lifted

Peace of Mind, weight off our shoulders, can't stop smiling, big sigh of relief.

The Mitchelle's

Everyone Helps

Everyone in this program truly cares about you and wants to help you better yourself like family would.

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